About Us

Claddagh Haven Trust was established in 1999 after the closure of Templeton Hospital, meeting an important need in the community for supported living in a caring residential environment.

Our Mission Statement

To provide support to people with intellectual disability to live a full life in the community.

23 Years of Claddagh Haven

23 Years of Claddagh Haven

Throughout our 23 years as an organisation, Claddagh Haven Trust has continued to support, encourage & promote individuality in each resident, many of which have been with us since we started. These residents have full & rounded lives as contributing members in their local community. 

Claddagh Haven Trust continues to thrive and develop with the support of our Governing Board, & funding from the Ministry of Health. 

We maintain our three original residential homes, which we started at the same time, & we have grown within these environments to support a full and inclusive life for those who we support. Our homes are a comfortable & nurturing environment for our residents as they integrate into the community through a wide variety of vocational day placements, opportunities, & enjoyable everyday activities. For our residents, especially those that have been with us since the early days, our houses are home. 

Being self-sustaining & eco-focused is important to us as an organisation. We have varied sizes of thriving vegetable gardens at our residences, which we grow to source our own organic produce for meals. Our orchard also provides fruit for our homes. We share what’s harvested from each garden across all houses, ensuring there’s enough vegetables for everyone to enjoy. In addition to this, Rolleston & West Melton both have a brood of hens providing eggs each day.