Residential Care

We offer our residents the support to undertake a range of tasks to experience everyday life in everyday places, while being encouraged to be as independent as possible.

We build relationships that are trusting for our residents and their families, as well as our staff, which helps us provide a more well rounded support service, by knowing the individual needs of our residents as well as their capabilities & what they enjoy doing.

Individualised Support

Individualised Support

We offer 24-hour care at each of our three houses.

Each of our residents have an agreed care plan that is designed by themselves and their family/whānau/guardian. A care plan records our resident's health & activity goals, as well as needs and intervention requirements to help staff guide & encourage each individual based on their unique plan. 

Following our holistic principles, all meals are prepared with as little processed food as possible; utilising the fresh produce that we grow at our homes. For those that require further nutritional support, advice is sought from a dietitian & incorporated into plans. 

Anyone with an intellectual disability who wishes to access residential support from Claddagh Haven Trust can contact LifeLinks to discuss individual needs and available services.